Friday, July 22, 2011 has exposed their secret tips to keep our makeup natural and gorgeous under the sun.Then, no more worry to stay outside during sunny day time. Here's the tips:
  1. Using a sponge when applying foundation can help you achieve a more natural look and avoid streaking lines under the sunlight.
  2. Try picking a waterproof compact powder to save you the embarrassment of makeup running when you sweat.
  3. Bring a makeup correction pen with you. That will help with running mascara in the most unexpected time. Of course, waterproof mascara is a must!
  4. Before re-applying makeup, give your face a few spritzes of hydrating mist and pat lightly. Dab off excess mist with tissue and then work your magic. This will refresh your makeup and avoid the cakey look.
  5. Go easy on your eye makeup. Try restricting yourself to apply eye shadow to only 1/2-1/3 of your eye lid areas because it tends to look more dramatic under sunlight.
  6. Lip gloss is better than lipstick. Lipsticks tend to be less forgiving to the wrinkles around the mouth under the bright sun.
  7. If lip gloss is not your thing, then try picking a light pinkish or nude lipstick. Your natural beauty will be unmistakable!
  8. Your hair becomes greasier when you’re outdoors, thus keeping your hair away from your face can reduce the chance of acne and allergic reaction on the skin.  
  9. Use a good makeup removing product. Makeup mixed with your sweat and sebum is deadly for your pores. Even if you didn’t put on makeup, if you are out and about most of the day, it is not a bad idea to use makeup remover to take off all the day's dirt and oil secretion.
  10. The colorful nail polishes go better with short nails. Try using lighter colors for fingers and more dramatic colors for toes. Candy colors are definitely in when you're outdoors. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stylist Skinny Jeans

Does't matter, what kind of body type you are... Jeans always fit to anybody. Finding the right pair of jeans can be an arduous task. But, hey these denime guide may break the fear and gives you some ideas too.

I found this video in and believe me, it's preaty good too.

If you have a straight body type, sometimes you might think look like too boyish. It's not that bad at all. You may look great in Seam-detailed Skinny Jeans.

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 A good lean fit can actually create curves, hugging even the slightest contours for a sinewy effect, which makes this style perfect for boyish builds. Look for styles made of thicker material and no stretch—selvage denim always looks great on boyish figures. A straight-across waistband that sits just below the belly button helps too, cutting at the widest part of the body for a feminine look. These have an angled seam down the legs, which makes you appear more shapely.

A bright skinny jeans can be your saving grace. The color are eye-catching and accentuates your natural silhouette. A thick, angled waistband adds a curvy effect. Again, choose something with a bit of heft—anything super-tight and super-thin runs the risk of toothpick legs.
Being a petitte, you might a bit shorter than others, but does'nt mean to cut your long jeans everytimes. Low-rise Cropped Jeans is the answer for that. A shorter inseam, 28” suits most, tends to fit just at or above the ankle for a cute, jaunty effect on this body type. The low rise on this pair elongates the torso, adding some extra inches of height.

What to match with your skinny jeans:

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Feel and Smell Fresh

I believe no one of us dislike fragrances that keep us feel and smells fresh all the daylong.

Fregfances come in various types and may categorized as classic Perfumes, Eau-de-Perfume, Eau-de-Cologne and Eau-de Toilette. The difference between types is mainly due the concentration of fragrant oils; rather it were naturally extracted or synthetically made and diluted using water and high-grade alcohol.

Fragrance with highest concentration of oil lasts the longest. Perfume or Parfum Classic has the highest concentration of essential oils which contain more than 22%. While  Eau de Perfume has 15 to 22%, Eau de Toilette or deodorant has 8% to 15% oils and lastly Cologne has about 4%.

Cologne may lasts for only two hours. Eau-de-perfume may last for as many as four to five hours while perfumes can last up to more than six hours.

There are some tips to take note for best result when you're wearing fragrance:
  • Best spots to apply perfume: the nape (back) of the neck, inner elbow, cleavage, behind the ears and along the shoulders.
  • If your skin is allergic to some kind of fragrance, apply it to scent your bags, purses, hair, jackets or clothes as long as not directly in contact with your skin.
  • To test if the skin is allergic to a particular perfume, apply a small amount on the wrist, or the inner elbow or the back of the hand/arm and if there is a reaction after 1 hour, then the perfume is probably not for suitable. 
  • To prolong a bottle of perfume, place it in a cool dry place. Exposure to sun can lead to discoloration, smell alteration and evaporation.

Scent For Romentic Women

Fragrance for Real Men

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer 2011 Shoe Trends: Gladiator Sandals

Gladiators were big last summer yet summer 2010 sees them back again – and fiercer than ever! They’re an easy way to add an on-trend edge to virtually any outfit and, provided the rain stays away, they’re the perfect footwear for festival-going fashionistas, too. As with all things fashion, the basic flat strappy gladiator has evolved into a myriad of variations to suit your style. In this article I’ll take a look at what’s styles are hot – and how to work them.

Comfy classics

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The original, and some would say best, gladiator sandals are your basic flat strappy sandals that usually have a centre strip that runs down the front of your foot and multiple thin straps forming the main body of the shoe. Most styles fasten around the ankle though in some cases the straps come up all the way to your calf for an authentic Romanesque look. Usually in tan, brown or black leather they’re truly comfy to wear – a rarity in today’s world of sky-high stilettos! Team them with leggings or skinny jeans or wear with this season’s must-have, the maxi dress.

Hot metallics
Gladiators look great worn in the evening as well as the daytime. A great way to get a glam look is to go for metallic gladiators. Whether you prefer silver or gold be sure not to mix your metals when it comes to your jewellery and other accessories for a perfectly co-ordinated evening look.

On-trend tassels

The boho-chic look is alive and well and there’s no other footwear that completes the look quite like a pair of tasselled gladiator sandals. This way you’ll tick off two trends in one go! Look out for a matching leather tasselled handbag for a look that even Sienna would be proud of. Keep colours muted though and let the shape rather than the shade do the talking.

Sexy studs

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If you’re more rock-chick than hippie-chick, studded gladiator sandals will give you the tough-girl edge that you seek. Go for black leather or patent styles that will look fabulous with wet-look leggings or a little black dress. If you’re more of a girly-girl, jewel embellished gladiators will give you a gorgeous going-out look as an alternative to studded sandals, which aren’t to every girl’s taste.

High heels

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For ladies who ‘don’t do flats’, high heel gladiators definitely have the glamour factor whilst retaining something of the unique look of the classic gladiator, giving the best of both worlds. Perfect with any evening outfit, the discerning shoe-a-holic can choose between delicate strapped stiletto sandals or chunky gladiator wedges for two totally different looks .

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